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 - Aspect Method worksheets -

Dear Alex,

These worksheets are here to help you in the discovery of other applications of the Aspect Method.

It is important that you have a working knowledge of the Aspect Method, as explained in grandfather tip 'Introduction to the Aspect Method'.

You should also be familiar with these grandfather tips:
  • Inner smile.
  • The three relaxation techniques introduced on this website.
  • Power of the present.
These worksheets cover a wide range of applications in emotional intelligence and illustrate the potential.
Medical applications do exist but are beyond the scope of this website.

This is advanced level stuff and only recommended once you have developed a good sensitivity to the subtle body reactions resulting from posing specific questions. You are then well on your way to recognize your body as an energy gestalt that can be manipulated.

They come in the form of a PDF file for easy printing.

For access to the worksheets, click here.

your grandfather.


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