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- Introduction to the Aspect Method -

Dear Alex,

Our body is in many ways a reflection of the universe.

We see it in one of the discoveries of the LOTA theory: a deep universal structure that appears everywhere and also in our body, once we dig a bit below the surface.
You will find an illustration of it on the first page of the show.

This session starts with a relaxation routine that requires 5 minutes.

Then, once you are in this relaxed state, the voice on the audio will help you to communicate with two different aspects of information that are stored in your body.

The choosen aspects relate to:

  • the relationship with a person of your choice and a way to improve it.
  • an aspect in you where you store confidence and a way to enhance it.
Once you are familiar with this practice you can choose any target you want.

Indeed, anything related to your experience in life is stored as aspects in your body and linked to emotions.

This knowledge is very little known, yet has enormous potential, in particular for healing.

You will need to be familiar with the 3phase breathing method (How to be relaxed in 30 seconds).

Further, you will need to have a glass of water ready, plus paper and pen.

This session comes in the form of a PowerPoint show, with sound.

Total duration is 10 minutes.

When you are ready to start click here.

Once you are in the show simply ckick the spacebar to move along.

Enjoy and relax,

your gandfather.


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