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 -  Turning around with the book of `positive attributes` -

Dear Alex,

This process is a bit boring at the beginning because the benefits are not immediately visible.

However, if you spend ten minutes on it every day during two weeks, you will be amazed by its effectiveness.

The method became popular among my EMBA students during weekend courses, since they had fulltime jobs during the week and as a result plenty of 'targets' for testing it, in the form of bosses or colleagues they did not like.

The process works particularly well for turning around strained relationships with people, because there we can see the dynamics at work over  two levels:

  • The first level is when, with this method, you change your perception about the person in question.
  • The second level is when the person in question is changing their perception about you as a result of your change in perception.
While the results of the method are particularly noticeable for people relationships, the process works in general for about anything that comes to mind.

The session comes in the form of a short text.

When you are ready to start click here.


your grandfather.


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