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The material on this website has evolved over many years and I thank my former students for sharing their experiences with me in an open and honest manner. As a result we could be rigorous in throwing out methods that did not bring sufficient results and focus on those that worked well.

While the material finds a common foundation through the LOTA philosophy of science, I was inspired by many able and courageous people, whom I met in person or through their writings. Their ideas have contributed to the shaping of this material and I like to give them hereby credit:

Candace Pert, Joseph Murphy, Gary Zukav, Wayne Dyer, Al Secunda, Steve Andreas, Charles Faulkner, Anthony Robbins, Maxwell Maltz, Richard Bandler, Joe Grinder, W. Clement Stone, Robert Simon Siegel, Timothey Gallwey, Shakti Gawain, Mantek Chia, Seth/Jane Roberts, Abraham/Ester Hicks, Edward de Bono, Louis Proto, Jose Silva, Louise Hay, Richard Carlson, Tony Buzan, Peter Honey, Alan Mumford, David Lewis, Danielle C. Capp, David Bohm, Daniel Goleman, Carl Gustav Jung, Valerie Hunt, Sharon Promislow, Peter Senge, Marly Burley-Allen, Kevin Cashman, Walles D. Wattles and Deepak Chopra.

 Permissions for images, sound tracks and designs.

Most images and designs are by Cornelis (Cornel) Slenters.
All sound tracks are by Cornelis (Cornel) Slenters.
Some clip-art images are from Corel Corporation, used with permission.
The Mandala Star in Centering for Managers is from Crystalinks, used with permission.

Copyrights and permissions

Copyright © Cornelis (Cornel) Slenters 2013 for the material on this website ( www.mindstuff.info).
All rights reserved, worldwide, including translations and derivative works. The right of Cornelis (Cornel) Slenters to be identified as the author of this work has been asserted.

You have permission to copy the material for private and educational use, provided you leave a clear reference to the original source, i.e. www.mindstuff.info .

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