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My name is Cornel Slenters, born 1939, in Holland.
From my current perspective I can see several phases in my professional life, which I will use here in the outline.

Formative years
I grew up in Holland with caring parents.
Studied electronics engineering in Holland and later systems engineering in the USA.

Corporate years
Working for Philips, IBM and Hewlett-Packard, I migrated over the years from research & engineering to management, then to training management. In the last position at Hewlett-Packard as European training director for the computer and instrument field forces.

Discovery years
As an independent management consultant I found time to pursue ideas that had been lingering in my mind for many years. The results and discoveries are described on my website www.slenters.info

Here is a brief listing:

The LOTA philosophy of science, from which emerged the:
  • LOTA theory of consciousness, which includes the solution of 'the hard problem'.
  • LOTA theory of identity.
  • LOTA theory of energy.
  • LOTA theory of mind.
  • LOTA theory of the Great Scaling Pattern.
  • LOTA theory of the Universe Grand Design or Big cycle.
  • Creative-R as the creative force behind all things.

Moreover, from the development of the LOTA philosophy of science emerged new standards for the design of scientific theory and in particular new standards for philosophy of science.

Academic teaching years
I was fortunate to be able to apply these insights in courses I delivered at institutes of higher learning in the Lake of Geneva region. These courses included subjects of motivation, leadership, creativity, stress management, self development, achievement and emotional intelligence. Many applications emerged during this period from which the students benefited. When students open up to a mental model of 'the bigger you and me', as they did, magical things are happening, with benefits for the rest of their lives.

Grandfather years
I am now retired and I use the Internet to pass on as much as I can from the accumulated materials.
We have a grandchild called, Alex.
He is still a little boy.
Hence, it is questionable if I am still around physically by the time he could understand it.

In the meantime I welcome all parents, grandparents, children, former children and grandchildren from around the world to benefit from it.

Alex will know that there is something waiting for him on the Internet when he is ready for it. 

Cornel Slenters


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