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Dear Alex,

Students could choose a personal project for self-improvement in some of my courses.

Often, they wished to work on a project to improve the ability to memorize dry facts.

In my earlier courses I would recommend certain books for memory improvement.

However, each of these books had there own system of 'hooks' or 'pegs'.

Subsequently I built something that combined all of this into one consistent system, making it more efficient and rewarding for the students.
Besides, it is easier to learn.

Thus with the Progressive Memory Booster, we take the very best of one system and pass it on to the next system with the same 'hooks' and 'pegs'. As a result our ability to memorize gets better and better after each phase.

Moreover, sprinkled throughout the show are some very good study tips.

Students really enjoyed it.

They were amazed to make a quantum jump in their ability to memorize.

Is there a limit to what we can remember? 
No, our ability to memorize depends on our ability to make connections.
Hence, the more connections, the better our memory.
In short, the more we memorize the better it gets.
Have fun with the Progressive Memory Booster.
Takes about 30 minutes, with benefits for a lifetime.

The session comes in the form of an interactive PowerPoint show, with sound.  
To get started,
click here.

When you are in the show, simply click the spacebar to move along, slowly!

your grandfather


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