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A personal message to my grandson Alex

Dear Alex,

This website is my attempt to pass on one of the greatest treasures in life, namely the knowledge that we are much more than just flesh and bones.

We have a soul and a mind, connected with the infinite potentials of the universe. Moreover, we have chosen for the life experiences of physical reality and we shape our lives from the inside out. Yes, our lives have meaning and purpose.

This knowledge allows us to find inner peace, discover our true motivations and gain access to resources beyond imagination.

However, this knowledge does not come on a golden platter ... you have to work for it.

The practical exercises on this website provide a way to discover gradually 'the bigger you and me'. Even if it takes years, that is OK. It is a journey of discovery.

On that journey you will discover that you are never alone, there is always 'the bigger me'. Moreover, you will discover that you have direct access to all the resources the universe has to offer. That puts you beyond the reach of charlatans.

It is a good idea to start with the Grandfather Tips when things are going well. Sooner or later people who are dear to us leave us behind in our physical reality and at moments like these we can draw on the comforting thoughts that it is not forever.

I am writing these lines at a time when 'the bigger you and me' notion pulls science and education communities apart to a degree that such ideas can be damaging to a career if said too loudly.

In my writings, which are accesable to all on the links below, I have demonstrated that the sciences, rational thought, mind and soul can be in full harmony. However, it may take a few generations before these ideas are broadly accepted.

In the meantime, please follow the advise given to many of my former students: Enjoy the benefits .. yet do not try to convince others. (The teacher will appear when the student is ready.)

your grandfather


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