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- Richness, the creative way -

Dear Alex,

Getting rich and being rich is a desire by most people.

How do people get rich?

Entire libraries are filled with books trying to answer that question.

In my experience, most people who accumulated great wealth in their lives had a passion for something, a creative passion, which they pursued. The wealth came after and was not the initial driving force.

Wealth allows for creative expression and is a good thing in the great chain of being.

Moreover, we can increase wealth through creativity and there are no limits.

  • A society that is focused on redistributing what it has will be on the path of self-fulfilling prophecy.
  • A society that believes in the limitless richness derived from creativity will also be on the path of self-fulfilling prophecy.

In the meantime, these simple rules might help you as a guide:

Being rich is good and creative.

Be grateful for what you have now.

Desire richness to express yourself.

Gain riches through the creative approach.

I came across an old text many years ago called The Science of Getting Rich. It underlines what I just wrote and it underlines what we know from the Universe Grand Design.
When you
click here you will come to a one page summary of it.

your grandfather.


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