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Dear Alex,

Our lives have purpose and our souls are our silent guides, present at all times.

Often we ignore the subtle messages of the soul in the day to day struggles and pleasures.

Over time, when we are too far out of line with the desires of the soul, a restlessness builds up in our lives and the search for meaning and inner peace will commence in earnest.

Knowing who you are - the bigger you - is possibly the most important insight to be gained in your life.

From there you can develop inner peace, motivation and accomplishments beyond imagination.

The session was very popular by the students and virtually all gained new insights in the above two vital questions.

The answers will be subtle, often surprising and often difficult to express in words.

These answers provide a deep knowing, which you do not need to share with others.

You know that you know, even if the words will fail you.

This session needs to be done together with a trusted friend.

It requires 30 minutes in total and you will both have equal time.

You will be whispering each other questions, with specific time intervals.

You will be prompted at the precise time intervals.

It is important that you follow the procedure accurately, for optimum results.

The session comes in two versions:
  • In PowerPoint, without sound. Best for desktops and laptops.
  • In PDF, without sound. Best for tablets and smartphones.

The session takes 30 minutes (15 min. per pserson).

When you are ready to start in Powerpoint, click here.

When you are ready to start in PDF, click here.

When you are in the session, to move along, simply click or slide.


your grandfather


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