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Why this website on Emotional Intelligence?

Dear visitor,

Grandson Alex is real, however he is also symbolizing millions of other kids in his generation.

Emotional Intelligence is possibly the most important skill to be learned and affects every aspect in life such as: health, the quality of our relationships, success in the workplace and happiness in life.

Yet in our education systems it does not receive the level of importance it deserves, with a few bright exceptions.

In order to teach Emotional Intelligence well, we need a mental model that includes mind and soul. This is often difficult in an institutional setting.

My proposition to the Council of Europe (29 June 2007) was therefore to teach Emotional Intelligence as a major subject, decoupled from science and religion.

I have had the good fortune to teach these materials to hundreds of students from around the globe, with a wide variety of cultural and religious backgrounds. These differences were not important; it was the actual practice with these techniques that made them more aware of 'the bigger me' and helped them to further discover who they realy are.

I am realist enough to know that it may take a generation or more before such an approach gets the institutional blessing.

So, in the meantime, let us enjoy what we have. 

Whether you are grandparents, parents, parents to be, an educator, a grandchild or simply curious, the website gives an easy start for those who belief to possess only body and brain. Just select the sessions that have a green marking on the right.

When you want to enjoy the full potential of the 'grandfather tips', the range in purple is yours.

Cornel Slenters


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